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    Tantra for Women
    Yoni Massage Los Angeles

    Some of my most potent and important work includes bringing balance to the “yoni-verse” in providing space for women to completely receive, practice communicating their boundaries and desires and embodying their deep inner and outer beauty.


    Women who wish to dive into their true, personal power, experience embodiment, release trauma in the sacral chakra and live from their hearts and their wombs

      Tantra la Femme

      $333/ 2 hours

      This is a special session offered for women!  There is balance in the "yoni-verse" and I am of service to the feminine, to cater to Her desires.  This is Her time to fully receive pure bliss, Her invitation to share Her-Story, ignite Her inner power and seek Her truth.  I welcome Her to explore the spectrum of releasing past traumas held in the sacral energy center and connective tissue to honoring Her body and delving into Her divine pleasure.  She will practice voicing Her needs and boundaries and explore all of Her senses.  I will guide Her on a journey of unveiling Her highest bliss to integrate into Her own life and partnerships.  I offer Tantra la Femme for Woman to explore Her sensuality, experiencing this rare opportunity to fully receive and experience freedom of expression

      I take appointments Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

      E-mail me to connect:

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